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Executive Committee, 2013-2014

  • Michel Hébert, Université du Québec à Montréal, Co-President
  • Norman Ingram, Concordia University, Co-President
  • Linda Clark, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Executive Director
  • Barry Bergen, Gallaudet University, Financial Officer
  • B. Robert Kreiser, George Mason University,  Past Financial Officer
  • Rachel Fuchs, Arizona State University, Editor, French Historical Studies
  • Kent Wright, Arizona State University, Editor,  French Historical Studies
  • Jeff Ravel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Past Co-President
  • Mary D. Lewis, Harvard University, Past Co-President
  • Elinor Accampo, University of Southern California, Second Past President
  • Martha Hanna, University of Colorado at Boulder, Member-at-Large
  • Susan Whitney, Carleton University, Member-at-Large
  • Jotham Parsons, Duquesne University, Member-at-Large
  • David Kammerling Smith, Eastern Illinois University, H-France Representative
  • Bryant T. Ragan, Colorado College, Incoming President
  • Rene Marion, Bard College High School, Hotel Negotiator