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Society for French Historical Studies

61st Annual Conference

Colorado College is very pleased to announce that it will host the sixty-first annual meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies on its campus in Colorado Springs from Thursday, 16 April, through Sunday, 19 April 2015.  Bryant “Tip” Ragan will serve as president of the society for 2015 and will organize the conference.

In keeping with a meeting at a residential liberal arts college, the conference theme will be “Learning and French History.”  Topics on the theme may include:

  • the history of education and educational institutions
  • pedagogy and technology
  • thinkers in the past who were interested in learning
  • the dynamic dialogue between French history and its sister disciplines
  • the teaching of French history outside of the conventional French history classroom (e.g., off-campus, in film studies, in language departments)
  • cognition, emotion, and ways of knowing
  • intellectual exchanges between Francophone and non-Francophone societies.  
François Cusset, professor of American Civilization at the University of Nanterre, has generously agreed to deliver the plenary address.

Proposals (in English or French) are due 15 September, 2014

Submit a panel proposal
Submit a single paper proposal

Sign up to serve as chair or commentator of a session

If you have not yet found a chair or commentator, please consult the Scholars Registry at for suggestions.

The Program Committee welcomes panel proposals on the conference theme as well as panels or papers on all subjects in the history of France, its former colonies, and other Francophone countries.  We will make every effort to combine single papers into coherent panels, but we encourage individuals to organize complete panels composed of two or (preferably) three papers with a chair and a commentator.

The Program Committee is available to help individuals who would like to develop panels that cut across traditional periodizations but who need assistance in making connections to scholars outside their specialization.  Roundtables and other formats will also be considered.  In conjunction with H-France and the Society’s Technology Committee, we also welcome proposals for sessions to be webcast on topics of broad interest.

In keeping with the conference theme, we would like to encourage panel organizers to experiment with a new panel format, the “textless” panel.  The conventional paper, read from a prepared text, has many virtues. Even so, there is a lot to be said for encouraging speakers to present new research using a more conversational and less scripted delivery. “Textless” panels will be marked in the program with a suitable icon, so that audience members will know what to expect and can adjust their expectations accordingly.

Please do not send proposals for papers that have already been presented or published or that are scheduled for presentation elsewhere.  All conference participants must be members of the Society for French Historical Studies in good standing at the time of the conference.  Please be aware that program participants are required to pay both the Conference Registration Fee and the SFHS Membership Dues. Membership Dues are to be paid directly to the Duke University Press, which maintains the official SFHS membership list.

All sessions will be held on the Colorado College campus - a special lodging rate at the nearby Hilton Antlers Hotel will be provided.

For any additional information or clarification, please email